Lights for Easter


Jesus said that he was the Light of the world, a light reflecting the goodness and life the come from God. Easter is a good time to celebrate the light that Jesus brought to the world.

  1. Remove the labels from 15-20 large plastic fizzy drink bottles. Carefully cut off the tops using scissors or a craft knife. (You may want to ask an adult to help you.)
  2. Fill each bottle ½ full of sand and stand a candle in it.
  3. Line your front path with these Easter lights, then light them.
  4. You may wish to use the lights for a message, such as ‘Happy Easter’. Use masking tape to form a letter on each bottle. Stand the bottles on a porch or in a window. When you light the candles, your message will be seen from the street.

Easter Banners

At Easter fares, in parades and in churches, banners add a colourful, festive touch to celebrations. Make your own banners to announce Easter’s arrival.

  • Cut a large rectangle from colourful paper or felt (the bigger the better). Using glue or staples, attach one end of the paper or felt to a wooden rod.
  • Choose a special Easter scene – one you draw yourself, or one cut out of a magazine – and decide where you’ll place it on your banner.
  • Draw or glue the scene onto your banner.
  • Add fabric trim, glitter, tassel or small bells to your banner.
  • During the Easter holiday, proudly display your banner on a door or in your room.
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