YMA are encouraged to:

  1. Attend regular meetings.
  2. Undertake preparation for enrolment and formal promise.
  3. Live out their motto and mission statement.
  4. Remember their morning and evening prayer.
  5. Support and care for one another.
  6. Help others in need in our country and abroad.
  7. Attend occasional workshops and special events.
  8. Renew their promise annually.
Visiting the elderly
North shields group in the Little Sisters of the Poor
Convent, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne

Rules of yma

  1. Respect leaders and follow their instructions.
  2. Know motto, mission statement, suscipe.
  3. No shouting or answering back.
  4. Be considerate and polite at all times.
  5. No inappropriate conversations.
  6. Stay in own group for games and tuck.
  7. No chewing gum or using mobile phones, iPods in meetings.
  8. Money allowance for tuck shop: 20p sweets, 10p juice.
  9. Please leave bags and coats outside in the cloak room.
  10. Be responsible and totally committed. Be on time for each meeting.
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